Friday, 25 December 2009


I enjoyed Christmas though most of my presents are still under the tree as I see no need to open more than one at a time.

I enjoyed playing qwith my cousins today. I am offically a couple of inches bigger than either of them even though they have six months on me, but I am big for my age and they are twins so had to share growing space for the first nine months!

Mum thinks the first of the next set of molars may be coming through judging by my current mood and indeed state of some of my nappies.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Still struggling with canines

My canines are coming through slowly, very slowly..resulting in much grumpyness and difficulty sleeping. Problem with canines is even after they break the surface they continue to have to cut thier way out because they are pointed unlike other teeth that break through all at once pretty much..

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Long time no post

Static head

It's longer than I realised since i posted here.

Treestump is growing well and is bigger than many of the two year olds we know. He does both rhythm time classes and a toddle gym class where he out masses most of the kids who are older than him which can make it slightly difficult when he then doesn't act like they do.. the extra 6 months or so making a big difference in normal behaviour.

He is very activly trying to talk now, copying many, many words when they are used. Bubbles is still a favorite and one of his clearest words but he says many more including things like sheep and baa.. rar (dinosaur) is a big favorite. Book, sit (as in you sit here so I can sit on you) and so on. He also strings words together like row, row (row, row the boat), baa, baa (baa, baa black sheep) and he uses several signs like star, bottle etc along with trying to say the word.

The current favorite word this week is fish or rather pish.

I still like my sleepsacs to sleep in which my brother had decided he didn't like by now. i also like sitting in boxes !

I've very good at running, walking backwards, climbing and even balancing on one leg and I am trying hard to learn to jump. I like tramlines too.

I love my food, pretty much any food currently. I also like dinosaurs, cars, fish, books and things I can push like kids shopping trolleys. My current favorite books are Charlie Cooks favorite book, anything with animals or fish, anything with things to feel or music built in.

I have four molars and my top canines are just coming through.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Noodles first tooth fairy visit

Last night my big brother got his first toothfairy visit. He lost the tooth at school though mum thinks part of the root is still in there.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

The word of the week is Bubbles

I like people blowing bubbles enough to try really hard to say bubble which I manage enough to make it different from other B words like bottle and ball.

I also like climbing on the table, mummy doens't seem to like me doing that though!

Monday, 29 June 2009

weekend in the park

I went out to the park Saturday afternoon with my big brother, mummy and daddy Jon.

Football was played.

Flowers were studied.I liked the trees and kept trying to look at the leaves which was quite hard on the big ones. Daddy lifted me up but we still couldn't reach them but mummy found me a smaller tree where I could touch the leaves.

I like hedges too. i like to run my hands across them even if they are holly or something spiky though I am a bit more careful then when I realise that.


I love songs. current favourites are

Row, row, row the boat which I like to do the actions to and sing Row, row whenI want you to sing it for me.

and The animals went in two by two which I sing the Hurrah bit.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

strawberries and cuteness

We went strawberry (gooseberry and rhubarb) picking this Sunday which both boys enjoyed immensely. Treestump turned into some sort of character from a bad horror movie with red juice all round his face, down his chin and all over his white vest and shorts.. you know that nice neat way he has of eating? Well it goes out the window when presented with a field full of strawberries !He did however really like the sheep in the field nextdoor so much so he told Tom they were there saying sheep to him to get him to lift him up to see over the solid gate, I'd shown him earlier.He is very cute currently, when he wants something you offer him he goes "yes, yes" and does a little happy dance and when he is sleepy he comes and lies his head on my lap.

At rhythm time his class goes up to 3 so he is one of the younger ones as we move up from the baby class. This means some of the kids are talking quite well and the teacher went round singing twinkle, twinkle little star missing out the last word of each line and seeing if the child she was at could fill it in . He got "Up above the world so" and straight away up his hands up for "high", later at home he was doing all the actions for the song.

Monday, 8 June 2009

teeth for both boys

Treestump has definitely cut his fourth lower front tooth as well as several molars pushing through.

Plus big brother has his first wobbly tooth!!

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

teeth left right and center

Now two molars on the bottom have just broken through but still no sign of the fourth front tooth!

Quick post

Today i looked in the mirror at the supermarket changing room, pointed to myself and said Eddie.. Mum says no-one told me 14 month olds aren't ment to understand the person in the mirror is me !

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Teeth and feet

I now have one of the next set of lower teeth too and another upper molar is trying very hard to come through! I'm rather grumpy at times.

I now take a size 5 shoe don't you think they are great?OK maybe these are't the right size but I like them.

Sunday, 17 May 2009


Mum has been sure I was teething but was expecting it to be the 3rd and 4th teeth on the bottom.. She was wrong as my first upper molar has just come through !!

Friday, 15 May 2009

Very much a little boy

I now like to give proper kisses and when I want to sit on someone's lap I turn round shuffle back and plonk myself down, even my big brother gets me sitting on his lap. I LOVE books and demand they be read regularly, particularly the ones with flaps and feely bits and the one that has windows where you turn a dial and change the picture that is my favourite.

I can now run very fast indeed, so fast my parents struggle to keep up and save me from the road and other dangers. They say they can't take their eye off me for a moment. I like climbing to !
Party Time

I loved running around at my Grans party and was totally fascinated by the live band. I love dancing to music but when everyone else joined in it got a bit to much for me, all those really tall people getting in the way. Adults kept stopping me going out the front door as well, I only wanted to explore London!

I really enjoyed the trampoline at the allotment open day and even jumped up and down on it properly a couple of times. I have jumped on the ground a couple of times too. My big brother enjoyed himself too.

I enjoy exploring the allotment but I have to be watched or I am off up the lanes to see what else there is on other plots and as there are about 150 of them my parents seem to think it is unwise.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Sorry it's been so long

Hadn't realised it was so long.

Well since last post Treestump learnt to walk properly a few weeks before his first birthday. He now potters round and even dances, twirling round and round till he falls over.

He chatters a way and today learnt NO.. to be accurate he has learnt to shake his head, having had a sign for yes which he has used for ages.. He does try to say yes to so I expect the NO word will not be long.

He is currently fascinated by the cats and seemed to be trying to copy Jake grooming today.

At 13 months he is pretty much completely filling 12-18 month babygros, so I'm having to drag out the 18-24 month stuff! Our friend who knows such things as they are part of her job seems to think he is a similar amount ahead in development stages too ie more like a year and a half than a year. I personally think he months away somewhere when i wasn't looking and I'll find them down the back of the safe when i'm not expecting it. :)

Oh and he LOVES books dragging them over to me regularly saying boc, boc to me so I will read them to him.

The other thing he drags over to me is his nursing pillow, I am quite stunned to say I am still feeding him all be it only a bit a couple of times a day but as I didn't think I'd get past a few weeks I'm amazed. It is more a comfort thing these days and I keep expecting him to get board or I think about stopping but then he gets so excited at the prospect you can't help but keep going for a little bit more at least... but I'm not becoming one of those people who keep on for years believe me !

Tuesday, 24 February 2009


We are very good at standing un-supported now and in fact take every opportunity to stand particularly if we have food or drink. Every now and then we tip to far backwards trying to drink but hey !

A few steps are being taken to but mostly we prefer to drop down and crawl at speed.

Friday, 20 February 2009

Just a pic.

Pic from a walk in the park on Thursday. Still a bit washed out from being ill and not totally impressed with bouncy big brother :)

better now

Sickness lasted long enough to see us at the doctors on Wensday. to be told as I expected that they don't give anything to kids his age and to come back if he got dehydrated or it was persistent. Resisted asking what counted as persistent if 6 days didn't and of course he started to get better from then on. Went to nursary today and was fine. Which at least meant Noodles and I got one day of half term to just do things for him which was nice.

Monday, 16 February 2009


He has been sick with throwing up and diarrhea since Friday. Not to bad in himself though grummy and tired a lot obviously. Keeping his fluids up but food is either not wanted or comes back. We had this a couple of months back and the nurse thought it was the Nora

On the plus side he has developed a liking for drinking from normal cups and is very good at it.

Thursday, 12 February 2009


He has a very distinct sign he has made up which is to point in a direction but with his hand sort of bend downwards fingers together which means there is something over there I want and can't reach take me to it :)

He has also started to bring me my cushion when he wants a feed which is funny as it's much bigger than him!

Tuesday, 10 February 2009


Mostly so I can't lose them
In inches as of 27/1/9

Chest 23
nape- floor 24
nape to crotch 18
across shoulders - 10
across back of neck - 4
round head - 20
arm 9
foot length 5
top of foot length 3.5
ankle 7
around foot 6

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

just a quick picture

Two top teeth !

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Standing, talking, into everything

I stand on my own for extended periods, often when clapping along to music on TV.

I say yes very well now, try to say various other things including yoghurt, ta, Dom, bye.

I wave and clap a lot and use my signs to say I have finished or want more. I also like clapping other people's hands and have pretty good rhythm.

I like playing with my brick truck and as well as pushing it I stand in it and try to get it to move as well as using it to get higher. Anything musical is good too. The ball pit continues to be a fun place to hide.

I now have four teeth but judging by my red cheeks and somewhat grummyness there may be more coming soon. Does't stop me eating anything I can get my hands on and I love to scavenge any food others are eating which is always better than mine!

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Tuesday's report from nursary

Report from nursery, tues 6th Jan.
He had two naps of about 1 hour each.

I'll leave out the nappies :) He has been having a lot of soiled ones so has rather a sore bottom though I think it's teething related.

Breakfast - fruit and milk
bottle at 10am
lunch veggie shepard's pie, carrots, swede and gravy. Apple pie and custard
bottle at 2.
tea - ravioli and toast

General info - Edward had a lovely day and eaten very well. Standing well without support.

The last is something he has nearly but not quite been doing at home. Today he spent a lot of time pushing his brick trolley back and forth across the room.

He is teething, I can see the edge of a tooth through the skin on the upper gums but nothing has broken through as yet.

Very vocal and signs finished and more when he wants.

There are some pics of him on my craft blog as I am trying to do a photo a day for the whole of the year though knowing me it will last a few weeks.