Thursday, 29 January 2009

Standing, talking, into everything

I stand on my own for extended periods, often when clapping along to music on TV.

I say yes very well now, try to say various other things including yoghurt, ta, Dom, bye.

I wave and clap a lot and use my signs to say I have finished or want more. I also like clapping other people's hands and have pretty good rhythm.

I like playing with my brick truck and as well as pushing it I stand in it and try to get it to move as well as using it to get higher. Anything musical is good too. The ball pit continues to be a fun place to hide.

I now have four teeth but judging by my red cheeks and somewhat grummyness there may be more coming soon. Does't stop me eating anything I can get my hands on and I love to scavenge any food others are eating which is always better than mine!

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Tuesday's report from nursary

Report from nursery, tues 6th Jan.
He had two naps of about 1 hour each.

I'll leave out the nappies :) He has been having a lot of soiled ones so has rather a sore bottom though I think it's teething related.

Breakfast - fruit and milk
bottle at 10am
lunch veggie shepard's pie, carrots, swede and gravy. Apple pie and custard
bottle at 2.
tea - ravioli and toast

General info - Edward had a lovely day and eaten very well. Standing well without support.

The last is something he has nearly but not quite been doing at home. Today he spent a lot of time pushing his brick trolley back and forth across the room.

He is teething, I can see the edge of a tooth through the skin on the upper gums but nothing has broken through as yet.

Very vocal and signs finished and more when he wants.

There are some pics of him on my craft blog as I am trying to do a photo a day for the whole of the year though knowing me it will last a few weeks.