Friday, 15 May 2009

Very much a little boy

I now like to give proper kisses and when I want to sit on someone's lap I turn round shuffle back and plonk myself down, even my big brother gets me sitting on his lap. I LOVE books and demand they be read regularly, particularly the ones with flaps and feely bits and the one that has windows where you turn a dial and change the picture that is my favourite.

I can now run very fast indeed, so fast my parents struggle to keep up and save me from the road and other dangers. They say they can't take their eye off me for a moment. I like climbing to !
Party Time

I loved running around at my Grans party and was totally fascinated by the live band. I love dancing to music but when everyone else joined in it got a bit to much for me, all those really tall people getting in the way. Adults kept stopping me going out the front door as well, I only wanted to explore London!

I really enjoyed the trampoline at the allotment open day and even jumped up and down on it properly a couple of times. I have jumped on the ground a couple of times too. My big brother enjoyed himself too.

I enjoy exploring the allotment but I have to be watched or I am off up the lanes to see what else there is on other plots and as there are about 150 of them my parents seem to think it is unwise.

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