Thursday, 16 April 2009

Sorry it's been so long

Hadn't realised it was so long.

Well since last post Treestump learnt to walk properly a few weeks before his first birthday. He now potters round and even dances, twirling round and round till he falls over.

He chatters a way and today learnt NO.. to be accurate he has learnt to shake his head, having had a sign for yes which he has used for ages.. He does try to say yes to so I expect the NO word will not be long.

He is currently fascinated by the cats and seemed to be trying to copy Jake grooming today.

At 13 months he is pretty much completely filling 12-18 month babygros, so I'm having to drag out the 18-24 month stuff! Our friend who knows such things as they are part of her job seems to think he is a similar amount ahead in development stages too ie more like a year and a half than a year. I personally think he months away somewhere when i wasn't looking and I'll find them down the back of the safe when i'm not expecting it. :)

Oh and he LOVES books dragging them over to me regularly saying boc, boc to me so I will read them to him.

The other thing he drags over to me is his nursing pillow, I am quite stunned to say I am still feeding him all be it only a bit a couple of times a day but as I didn't think I'd get past a few weeks I'm amazed. It is more a comfort thing these days and I keep expecting him to get board or I think about stopping but then he gets so excited at the prospect you can't help but keep going for a little bit more at least... but I'm not becoming one of those people who keep on for years believe me !

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