Monday, 29 June 2009

weekend in the park

I went out to the park Saturday afternoon with my big brother, mummy and daddy Jon.

Football was played.

Flowers were studied.I liked the trees and kept trying to look at the leaves which was quite hard on the big ones. Daddy lifted me up but we still couldn't reach them but mummy found me a smaller tree where I could touch the leaves.

I like hedges too. i like to run my hands across them even if they are holly or something spiky though I am a bit more careful then when I realise that.


I love songs. current favourites are

Row, row, row the boat which I like to do the actions to and sing Row, row whenI want you to sing it for me.

and The animals went in two by two which I sing the Hurrah bit.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

strawberries and cuteness

We went strawberry (gooseberry and rhubarb) picking this Sunday which both boys enjoyed immensely. Treestump turned into some sort of character from a bad horror movie with red juice all round his face, down his chin and all over his white vest and shorts.. you know that nice neat way he has of eating? Well it goes out the window when presented with a field full of strawberries !He did however really like the sheep in the field nextdoor so much so he told Tom they were there saying sheep to him to get him to lift him up to see over the solid gate, I'd shown him earlier.He is very cute currently, when he wants something you offer him he goes "yes, yes" and does a little happy dance and when he is sleepy he comes and lies his head on my lap.

At rhythm time his class goes up to 3 so he is one of the younger ones as we move up from the baby class. This means some of the kids are talking quite well and the teacher went round singing twinkle, twinkle little star missing out the last word of each line and seeing if the child she was at could fill it in . He got "Up above the world so" and straight away up his hands up for "high", later at home he was doing all the actions for the song.

Monday, 8 June 2009

teeth for both boys

Treestump has definitely cut his fourth lower front tooth as well as several molars pushing through.

Plus big brother has his first wobbly tooth!!

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

teeth left right and center

Now two molars on the bottom have just broken through but still no sign of the fourth front tooth!

Quick post

Today i looked in the mirror at the supermarket changing room, pointed to myself and said Eddie.. Mum says no-one told me 14 month olds aren't ment to understand the person in the mirror is me !

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Teeth and feet

I now have one of the next set of lower teeth too and another upper molar is trying very hard to come through! I'm rather grumpy at times.

I now take a size 5 shoe don't you think they are great?OK maybe these are't the right size but I like them.