Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Long time no post

Static head

It's longer than I realised since i posted here.

Treestump is growing well and is bigger than many of the two year olds we know. He does both rhythm time classes and a toddle gym class where he out masses most of the kids who are older than him which can make it slightly difficult when he then doesn't act like they do.. the extra 6 months or so making a big difference in normal behaviour.

He is very activly trying to talk now, copying many, many words when they are used. Bubbles is still a favorite and one of his clearest words but he says many more including things like sheep and baa.. rar (dinosaur) is a big favorite. Book, sit (as in you sit here so I can sit on you) and so on. He also strings words together like row, row (row, row the boat), baa, baa (baa, baa black sheep) and he uses several signs like star, bottle etc along with trying to say the word.

The current favorite word this week is fish or rather pish.

I still like my sleepsacs to sleep in which my brother had decided he didn't like by now. i also like sitting in boxes !

I've very good at running, walking backwards, climbing and even balancing on one leg and I am trying hard to learn to jump. I like tramlines too.

I love my food, pretty much any food currently. I also like dinosaurs, cars, fish, books and things I can push like kids shopping trolleys. My current favorite books are Charlie Cooks favorite book, anything with animals or fish, anything with things to feel or music built in.

I have four molars and my top canines are just coming through.

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