Wednesday, 29 October 2008

so the book says..

We found a first year milestone calendar thing today. I think he read it all and didn't notice he was meant to wait till the right month because apart from the possibly walking from month 12 he is doing everything they list for the first year. Apparently he may be able to roll over both ways by 7 months, may be able to get to a sitting position from lying down by 9 months and may be pulling themselves up and standing on furniture by 10 months.

Apparently doing this (hands and feet rather than knees) is harder than pulling yourself up on furniture (which he also does) so says our friend who works with kids in a hospital.

Clapping is about 12 months so someone should tell him because he is doing it constantly it seems to mean do more, pick me up and possibly a few other things which may be because I have used the sign for more with him a few times which is banging two closed fists together.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008


Just for information if you are buying or making anything.

He is now fitting age 9-12 clothes so if you are planning anything for christmas don't get anything smaller than a year size wise. If you have already bought something see if you can swap it or give it to us early :)

He is rapidly catching the twins up I think so I don't expect to get many more hand me downs..

He already takes a size 3 1/2 shoe so again his feet are big and while I haven't checked I think his head is as bad as his brother on being over sized so if you want to know give us a shout and I will measure his head.

Monday, 20 October 2008

Milestones so far.

Lets see he is currently 7 months and a week or so old.

He weighed 8 lb 6oz born but then didn't put any weight on for 6 weeks so the name Treestump which his brother had coined before birth seemed doubly appropriate, for anyone who doens't know this isn't his given name just a nickname don't worry we arn't THAT mean.

He has always been strong enough to hold his head up and been very alert so no worries there.

He has been able to sit unaided for some time now, probably about 2 months.

Currently he can combat crawl and in the last week or so has learnt how to crawl on his knees. This last week he has started pulling himself up on furniture and this last weekend he started pushing up from the floor with his legs and locking them out so he is on hands and feet not knees.. our child development expert friend say that is extremely good.

He is very determined to stand, if you try to put him on the floor he does his best to stand and it is only balance that is stopping him, though of course that is the hardest part. He has started to walk holding on to someone though it is only in it's first stages currently but he definitely knows to put one foot forward then the next one.

He is very strong and kicks hard enough to bruise quite regularly when being changed and so forth..

Speech wise he babbles away using sounds like da-da, aba, and others.

He understands and uses a sign for bottle.

He has been eating some puree and so forth since 4 months as he was very keen to try and now at 7 months he prefers finger food and things with texture up to and including chewing on strips of chicken breast rather than eating prawn crackers as we suggested !

I think he is teething and indeed I think i can see a tiny bit of tooth in the front on the bottom gum. We will see if I imagined it or now. He is certainly grumpy enough and refused his solids this lunch time which is very unlike him though he isn't unwell apart from a bit of a cold.

The why and wherefore

I have started this blog most to record milestones in Treestump's life. I have realised as he starts to do things I only have hazy memories of when his brother did various things.

For instance I know he was walking round the furniture before 9 months but didn't let go till eh was over a year old but can't remember when he cut his first tooth.

I considered doing this in a paper diary but this is much harder to lose and anyway there are various grandparental types and others who I know would love to keep track on how he and his brother are doing, so while this is mainly the Treestump diaries I'm sure his big brother will be featured on occation.