Friday, 2 July 2010

Shoulder height

I'm up to my big brothers shoulder now ! He has just crept up to 120cm, an important height as it allows you on the bigger rides at Drayton manor. However I am now 95cms which means I'm still catching him fast, I was about 92cm at my birthday in March. Apparently you can gauge your final height from what size you are at 2 so that would make me going to be 184cm which is six foot or there abouts.

90cm is the height at which you can go on rides on your own at Dryton manor, at least the smaller ones but Mum seems to think I might not sit still well enough, however I really enjoyed all the rides when i went recently with nursery so she says if we go again with my big brother I might be able to sit next to him on some of them ! I liked the look of the Maelstrom and wanted to go on it but she says she wouldn't go on that one and anyway you need to be 130cm to even be allowed on it so that's my next goal then !!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Current obssesions

Spiderman and Ben Ten.. Particularly turning into spider monkey and Humongasaur or as I prefer to call him Dinosaur ! (a new one added - Buggy otherwise known as Big Chill!)

I now weight over 16kg and am big enough for a car seat that says from 4 years up! I am also to big for any normal buggy weight wise but I'm not fat as my height is proportional to my weigh.

We went out for Chinese recently which both me and my big brother enjoyed.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Huge footed Monster

Most kids coming up to their second birthday have about size 5 shoes.. I was wearing 6.5 G but mum thought they were getting too small.. so the lady in the shop measured me.. 7.5F but in the end the shoes that fitted are 8G.. mum seems to think that is a bit big for my age but they suit me just fine!

Sunday, 17 January 2010

I am now at my brother's armpit! He'd best start growing or I'll over take him, though he will get even thinner if he goes upward anymore.

Silly brother doens't even know which way up glasses go !

He does however give me rides on his back which is fun !

Mum says I'm very much a little boy now. I sit by my brother and watch him play games and ask for Bee-bees (Cbeebies) on the compute. I like to try and play games on the Wii and pick my own videos and DVDs to watch.  I still adore books and dinosaurs and I chatter away all the time.