Thursday, 29 January 2009

Standing, talking, into everything

I stand on my own for extended periods, often when clapping along to music on TV.

I say yes very well now, try to say various other things including yoghurt, ta, Dom, bye.

I wave and clap a lot and use my signs to say I have finished or want more. I also like clapping other people's hands and have pretty good rhythm.

I like playing with my brick truck and as well as pushing it I stand in it and try to get it to move as well as using it to get higher. Anything musical is good too. The ball pit continues to be a fun place to hide.

I now have four teeth but judging by my red cheeks and somewhat grummyness there may be more coming soon. Does't stop me eating anything I can get my hands on and I love to scavenge any food others are eating which is always better than mine!

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