Thursday, 6 November 2008

8 month check up

Off to have his 8 month check up in a moment.. will add what they say later.

The Health visitor looked at him and said he seems more like a one year old than 8 months !

He is able to do everything expected of him including demonstrating he can pick up tiny pieces of paper, stand on his feet properly and pull himself up, even proved he could clap for her.

He now weighs 10.15 kg (22lb 5oz) which puts him on the 91st percential for his age and about average for a year old. He is 72 cm long and as he has a bit of a stomach and double chin currently i half expect that to get longer very shortly. That is still above average for his age putting him on the 75th percential but not quite average for 12 months.. however I think he will be well into 1 year clothes by christmas.

He is now not just pulling himself up on furniture but pushing up from his feet and only grabbing on once he gets up. He is also holding on to peoples hands to stand then deliberately letting go I assume to try and practice standing alone.

He crawls well at speed now.

Oh and he did his first drawing at nursery !!

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