Wednesday, 29 October 2008

so the book says..

We found a first year milestone calendar thing today. I think he read it all and didn't notice he was meant to wait till the right month because apart from the possibly walking from month 12 he is doing everything they list for the first year. Apparently he may be able to roll over both ways by 7 months, may be able to get to a sitting position from lying down by 9 months and may be pulling themselves up and standing on furniture by 10 months.

Apparently doing this (hands and feet rather than knees) is harder than pulling yourself up on furniture (which he also does) so says our friend who works with kids in a hospital.

Clapping is about 12 months so someone should tell him because he is doing it constantly it seems to mean do more, pick me up and possibly a few other things which may be because I have used the sign for more with him a few times which is banging two closed fists together.

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