Wednesday, 12 November 2008

We are now able to....

Lower ourself in a controlled manner from standing to sitting though mostly we fall down before we are ready to sit.

We currently have a bit of a cold and have had a couple of sleepy days including a nearly three hour nap at nursery! With the double chin/ potbelly thing I have currently has mum expects me to put on a couple more cm in length soon too.

We love balloons and have worked out there is a packet in the desk drawer so keep try to get them out and yes we understand a deflated balloon becomes a blown up one.

Our first two teeth are now visible easily when we open our mouth though still not fully through.

Our new highchair STILL isn't here apparently it was delivered yesterday while big brother was being picked up from school and the delivery man decided it was a good plan to give it to a random person who lives vaguely across the road !! Of course random person isn't in today

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