Friday, 28 November 2008

General up date

This week has been ups and downs in a quite literal sense.

The first half of the week was mostly concerned with nappies that were rather runnier than they should be, much much runnier. Lasted about three days and we arn't sure if it was a bug or that we changed his formula to the progress one. We changed the formula back and things went back to normal after about a day but three days is also the time that a bug that has shut the local hosital for new admissions takes to run through your system so it might have been either.

He wasn't acting ill other than being a bit more tired than normal so we wern't really worried.

On a more up beat note he climbed the stairs on his own egged on by older male members of the family sitting at the top, though mum was right behind him just in case! He is very good at getting up and down now doing a great sumo crouch and also shuffling along tables etc. He can also walk behind the brick trolley and push it along.

He very distinctly said Ta when give something a few days ago and tries to say again as well as waving his hands and clapping which is his sign for again.

That's all for now as I should be asleep.

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