Sunday, 6 March 2011

Nearly three

It's my birthday in about a week and apparently we are going to the Sealife centre which is fine by me I love fish. The shark on the website looks particularly interesting !

Recently we went to Centre Parks for another family birthday which we all enjoyed a lot. The swimming pools and slides were great as was the walk in the woods.

The wildlife was so tame we had squirrels sitting on the doorstep of the french doors hoping we would feed them!

I had my 2 to 3 year old check recently though I slept through most of the boring questions, I don't have a regular nap any more but I do like to grab 40 winks every now and then when I'm in the buggy or similar. Apparently I am on the 98% for both height and weight which mum says means I will be big bruiser of the family as my brother is about average in height and quite slender. I'm almost going straight into his old clothes as he grows out of them now as I'm noticeably over a metre tall and look more like I should be in the reception class at school which I will not be in for real for 18 months yet.

I can use the computer all on my own and find and play on Cbeebies with no problems, indeed when I close down mum's email without her permission I can go into the history find it and open it again when she tells me off!

The only thing I'm apparently not ahead on is speaking. I know lots and lots of words but pronouncing them so others understand them is not something I'm to good at so I ask them a long complicated question and they only get a word or two it's very frustrating! Mum thinks I am too interested in learning new words and should concentrate on practising the ones I already know a bit more but that's boring !  The lovely speech therapy lady said she wasn't too worried as I'm about right for my age but one or two things I don't do so well might be hearing related so I've been going to see these other ladies who get me to play a game about putting men in a boat when I hear a sound. It's fun for a short period of time but then it gets boring and they don't seem to think we should move on to talking about all the other cool things they have in their room so apparently I have to go back to see some other more important person who has more toys to play with.

Mum says I'm certainly not fully deaf but as hearing problems run in the family a bit it's worth double checking I'm not missing some bits as I don't seem to hear her often but again she thinks that is at least partly me not wanting to rather than not being able to. Mum also mentioned if I have her dyslexia that would explain struggling to pronounce things.

We are also moving on to a new allotment which has hedges all round so I will have less opportunities to run off around the site when we go up there but it does have a climbable apple tree !

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joan said...

hi there
Its my birthday soon on the 13th when is yours? only i'm a lot older than you. My grandson 3 in june has just come back from centre parks and they had a great time also
lovely blog and photos